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WTM 4000 is an ultra-high capacity, all-outdoor microwave radio

It is the FIRST ever radio purpose built for SDN. It meets today’s cost and capacity challenges and protects you from an uncertain future.

Highest capacity in single transceiver radio, exceptional price / performance with:

  • 2.5 Gbps (single radio – 2x112MHz channels)
  • 1.5 Gbps (single radio – 2x80MHx channels)
  • Adaptive dual carrier (A2C) feature enables 2 channels over single transceiver leading to 2x more capacity than single header radios or ½ the transceiver hardware compared to dual-header radios. Which means, less cost and power consumption per bit… and of course more capacity.

Other capacity features include:

  • 112 MHz channels,
  • 4096 QAM,
  • Header compression and other capacity enhancement techniques.
  • Support for high capacity multi-channel configurations. For example, link capacities of >1 Gbps can be achieved using 4 x 28MHz channels (4+0), using 2048QAM modulations, for frame sizes of 1518 bytes or less. 

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WTM 4800 E-Band and Multi-Band Radio Platform

WTM 4800 is a unique new radio platform for E-Band and Multi-Band 5G transport applications. WTM 4800 Multi-Band is the industry’s simplest Multi-Band solution which significantly lowers total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to alternative Multi-Band solutions that rely on two, three and even four separate boxes.

Multi-Band involves combining E-Band (70-80GHz) with traditional microwave (6-42GHz) on a single microwave link, usually with a single antenna on each end. Unlike E-Band or Traditional Microwave, Multi-Band provides:

  • Better capacity: Multi-Band realizes capacity benefits of E-Band, & solves shortcomings. Multi-Band improves the capacity of traditional microwave by adding a high capacity E-Band channel in parallel. Improve link capacities with Multi-Band by up to 10x the capacity of a standalone 15/18/23GHz solution. You can add the capacity right away or just leave the E-Band available and turn it on via software when you’re ready for more capacity.
  • Immunity to environment issues: Your most important traffic is now immune to outages due to rain and pole sway – 99.999% availability, up to 2.5 Gbps.
  • Extended reach: With Multi-Band, you can extend the reach of your E-Band links up to 6, 8, maybe 10 km

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Aviat Design – With more simplified views and streamlined calculation methods, you can design your links quicker and easier than ever before.

Benefits when compared to other path design tools

  • Access anywhere. Cloud based tool requiring no software or downloads – easy access and always have latest version.
  • Intuitive. Adjust parameters on the fly to optimize performance, generate path profiles, Google-maps interface.
  • Easy. Path calculations to be completed with a few clicks.
  • Up to date database with Aviat Networks equipment. No pathloss files to worry about.
  • Fixed or ACM calculation of links using same integrated database.
  • Template system that allows to use any radio and antenna configuration for offered protection schemes.
  • Automatic loading of environmental parameters allows quick and precise calculation.
  • More precise path profiles with clutter layer (USA)
  • Ability to overlay networks in Google Earth
  • Ability to determine if Space Diversity is needed for paths over water and smooth terrain.

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