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You will learn about Aviat’s Private LTE solution, and how it can deliver significantly lower TCO for your industrial and remote applications that are subject to harsh environments. 

Other solutions usually include bulky hardware, outdoor cabinets, and large power/battery support, requiring large initial investments. Over time, high operating expenses can leave you feeling like your network is bleeding money. 

Find out how Aviat’s Private LTE (formerly Redline) is uniquely differentiated compared to equivalent commercial LTE solutions:  

  1. A compact, all-outdoor architecture 
  2. The power and coverage of a macro-site in a micro-footprint 
  3. Hardened and ruggedized to survive the toughest conditions 
  4. Lowest power consumption 
  5. A right-sized EPC solution to suit small-medium sized network deployments 
  6. Best-in-class microwave backhaul portfolio 
  7. A single network management solution, end-to-end 

Webinar replay:
Mission Critical Private LTE with Lower TCO?